Company overview

Bak wasn’t just a computer company—it was a social enterprise. Committed to building computers in the United States, empowering people in urban communities, and changing lives around the world, Bak USA was a boon for social entrepreneurship.

The company was brought to Buffalo, New York, to breathe life into an industry desperate for fresh air. The brand sought to “reinvent what it means to make it in America,” and that it did… until it didn’t.

Sadly, the scrappy upstart ran into rising economic and political pressure and was forced to close its doors in November 2018. Despite the unhappy ending, Bak USA’s print and digital marketing materials pushed as many boundaries as the company itself had pushed, and we will forever be proud of the all that we accomplished together.



Web Design

Unfortunately, most of Bak USA’s web designs and digital animations went down with the ship.

All that remains today are these few images and screenshots that differentiate Bak USA from its competitors.

Bak USA Home Page Design
Bak USA Computers Page DesignBak USA Manufacturing Page Design

Print Design

To prepare our sales team with marketing materials to share in the field, we put together some uniquely branded collateral that set Bak USA apart from global giants such as HP, Dell, Apple, and Samsung.


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